The History of OtherEarth

BC= Before Collapse
AD= After Destruction

4000BC Elves arrive thru portals fleeing Astral Wars. Various Elven groups separate along ethnic and ideological lines. Humans are the only race, showing signs of intelligent, but are barely in the stone age of development.

3000BC- Unification of Elves results in the creation of the Toldorian Empire.

2731BC- Dwarves and Halflings arrive thru dimensional gateway; several tribes settle the area that will soon be Greece. Many other tribes travel further west, over the sea never to be seen again. Initial contact between Toldorian Elves is peaceful and much trade and passing of knowledge between both races.

2009BC- Humanity begins to civilize in the Fertile Crescent. Elves and other races ignore the barely civilized apes.

1503BC- Toldorian Empire now at its highest stage, encompassing all of Europe, Turkey, Egypt, and the Briton Isle’s.

942BC- Goblinoid races arrive thru the dimensional portal, and disperse world wide. The strongest contingent in Asia and Africa.

302BC- Toldorian Empire rocked by civil war, as two competing brothers fight for the right to ascend the throne. Continent of Atlantis created, favored of Poseidon moved to Atlantis and the first true Human Civilization begins.

221BC- Egypt and Asia Minor lost to the elves, as Imperial forces are recalled to keep order in the central parts of the empire, regions collapse into chaos.

197BC- Governor General of Egypt assumes mantle of command the 1st Pharonic Dynasty is formed. Several Elven Generals tired of the endless bickering between the two royal brothers call for the formation of a Republic.

149BC- Sudden attacks by organized goblinoids armies, push Toldorian and rebel forces completely out of Africa. Only the Humans of Egypt are able to repel the invaders.

142BC- Goblinoid Armies invade across Straits of Gibraltar, quickly overrunning Southern Iberia.

25BC- Human Kingdoms in Southern Italia and Hellas Drive out Orcish hordes with the aid of the republican Elves and Dwarven Allies.

1BC- beset on all sides the Toldorian Empire collapses, Rebels control much of Gaul and Italy and Western Rus. Only Germaina remains in the hands of the Empire. 1st DARK AGE BEGINS, Recorded history is now referred to Before the Collapse.

1- 2AD separate civilizations flourish in Hellas (Greek Culture) the other in Italia (Romans)
Egypt and Atlantis struggle briefly for control as the premiere human civilization.

112AD- Greeks create colonies in much of the Mediterranean, very good relations with the Gaelic or Republican Elves. Also colonize much of Asia Minor.

145AD- Roman begins Wars of Conquest, solidifying control of the Italian peninsula.

156AD- All of Italia under roman control. Rebels Elves driven underground by Republican Elves.

162AD- Balkan under complete roman control, Roman and Greek naval forces collide. Tension mounts between the two empires.

171AD- Romans colonies, established in Iberia and Britannia. Gaelic Elves alarmed by encroaching humans. Atlantis begins to push for more colonies on direct opposition of the Romans. Open hostilities erupt as well between Atlantean and Greek City-states over right of passage at sea.

221AD- Gaelic Elves and Greek City-states formally unite.

229AD- Romans invade Gaul, Hellenic Alliance declares war on Rome.

236AD- After several years of continuing defeats at the hand of the Romans, the Gaelic Elves sue for peace dropping out of the Hellenic Alliance. Roman Republic now an Empire, Much of a Gaul and all of Iberia and Briton under Roman Control. PAX ROMANA begins. Thus begins the Second Age.

378AD- A strange Race known as the Vann arrive thru the dimensional gateways, very few in number. The Vann become counselors and advisors to the various Kings and Emperors. The Vann are known to be masters of the Arcane.
425AD- Gaelic Elves break off relations with the Greek City-states, citing distrust of the rulers and the Vann in general. Reports of Demonic possessions in cities worldwide.

467AD- Roman Emperor and a large number of nobles disappear during a feast, no sign of foul play or any divination can locate the missing. Vann also disappear. Youngest son steps as new Emperor.

468AD- Goblinoids invasion of Europe and Greece. Romans legions try to hold back the Hordes, Hellenic city-states and Roman Empire put aside 150 years of warfare to fight back the goblinoids hordes. The Hobgoblin army begins to fall back to Africa after its Charismatic leader is killed. Remaining general begin to bicker amongst themselves giving time for the Human force to counterattack and drive the horde off the mainland, and back to Africa. 2nd Dark Age Begins

792AD Human Civilizations begins to come out of the Dark Age, several distinct kingdoms are known, the Confederation of Baronies in Briton, The Western Roman Empire, The Kingdom of Egypt, Atlantis, Grecian City-states, The Dwarven Kingdoms, and The Holy Roman Empire of the east and the Confederation of Sylvan Elves. As well as many independent Baronies in Gaul, who eventually become the Frankish kings.

819AD- Drow Elves began pushing against surface kingdoms. War breaks out Greece and Atlantis for control of the seas and to stop piracy.

845AD- After many years of continued war against the Drow, the fighting all but ends as Drowish force retreat underground, Goblinoids also begin raiding, and Civilization is at its closest to a peaceful period. Mankind expands his knowledge of the world and explores much of the known world.

860AD- The Holy Roman Empire collapse from internal pressures and is captures by the Persians. Most of Asia Minor under Persian control.

970AD- Toldorian Elves begin war of conquest, their aims to recover their lost lands and return the Empire to it greatness. Initial shock of their return allows the Elves to sweep thru Gaul and the Low Countries. They also make significant head way against the Romans driving well into Rome itself. Only after several months of fighting is it determined that the Sylvan Elves are also begin attacked, and the human who are captured are put to the sword. The Elves seem intent on genocide, thus begins the Blood Wars.

972AD- The Human Kingdoms unify under a central command called the Free Alliance. Headed by the Council of Wardens. It is determined by Warden Agents that the Elves intend to perform an Arcane Ritual to seal off the flows of magic. Elven forces are now known to utilize technology never before seen, a study of captures items determine that it is a fusion of magic and science. Reports of Elven forces collecting huge amounts of blood from its victims, alarms the Council. Reports from Egypt tell of nearly the entire ruling family killed by legendary artifact the Sphere of Annihilation.
The state of Egypt is thrown into disarray while the Heir and his bastard brother fight for control. Reports also tell of a group of headed by a Powerful undead Wizard and a Demonic Blackguard as responsible for the attacks.

973AD Atlantis joins the alliance. A new religion beings in the Frankish kingdoms, many become converts to the worship of the Light.

974AD- The Ritual of Binding is completed by the Elves, Using all of the acquired blood, believed to be the accumulated essence of a million souls the Elven Wizards create a barrier to restrict the flow of Mana to this world. Wizard’s world wide begins to disappear and are openly attacked by agents of the Elves.

977AD- Thieves steal The Golden Orb, from the Oracle of Delphi.

978AD- With the assistance of the Dwarves and Atlantis, the Elves begins to fall back, Elven forces only attempt to consolidate what they hold, rumors abound that the elves are having a man power shortage for unknown reasons. Peace envoys from the Toldorian Republic arrive in each of the major Alliance powers, shortly thereafter a peace treaty is ratified, establishing boundries where the armies are. The Blood War ends. Atlantis fearing of lose its place in the world and looking to increase its power in the alliance, has been collecting magical weapons and items, to research a magical weapon of immense power. A new Hobgoblin warlord Maruk Ghantu, from the kingdom of Marn see’s the war between elves and men as the opportunity to take their rightful place in the world. Multiple expeditions to test Europe begin. Several months later Ghantu’s son Paluk is reported killed by a band of Wardens off the coast of Briton.

979AD- Internal Strife and possible infiltration by the elves cause the dissolution of the Free Alliance and the Wardens. Several key members of the Wardens are murdered including Chief Abbot Thelonious of the Church, Simon Petra head of Intelligence, Morgan De La Tor, and Marek Johansson of the Church of Thor. The Alliance is thrown into confusion, Baron Lucius Estine attempting to regroup the Wardens assumes the overall command of the Wardens. Charles Martel the 2nd returns to Gaul and begins the reconquest of the European mainland. He embraces the cult of the Light and begins a war of unification of all Frankish Kingdoms. Reports tell of deserted towns and cities, almost no Elven presence.

984AD- Charles Martell 2nd become emperor of the Holy Frankish empire, consistin of much of Gaul, all the Frankish kingdoms and parts of northern Italia. The Churh of the Light begins pogroms against nonhumans, refugees fleeing the Franks tell of home burned out, people burned at the stake for alleged crimes. Slowly the religion of the Light spreads outward. Missionaries carry the word to many lands and begin small church throughout the world.

The History of OtherEarth

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